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Recipedo Gallery Launches October 4th, 2021!

  • Starting October 4th, 2021 We will be launching Recipedo Gallery to all users! This feature is built with privacy in mind! No data will be collected, period! We will launch with 25+ Recipes in the Gallery! We cannot wait to bring the best of what has yet to come!

  • Hello Recipedo User,
    I regret to inform you of Delays in Recipedos macOS Development. Recently I updated components inside of Recipedo and I need to make them compatible with macOS. Doing so Will push the macOS version back a few weeks at the moment. I am working with Apple to Resolve the issue, and get you the update you deserve!

  • This Version Brings all of the Changes for the Last iOS patch to macOS! iOS Version 21.08.30 and iOS Version 21.08.27

  • This is the Search update! If you have lots of recipes will no longer have to scroll to find your recipes!

    - Bug Fixes
    - Minor UI Improvements
    - Added Search to the app